Alma Ata Originated from Muslim Intellectuals and Religious Scholars

Alma Ata was Established in response to the changing times, evolving civilization, and the way people live and behave. It was initiated by Muslim Schoolars and ulama associated with the Ali Masduki and Ali Maksum foundation’s Islamic boarding schools. Their aim was to uphold the moral and religious responsibility to demonstrate that islam is timeless and universally applicable, adapting to any context and circumstance, “islam sholichun fi kulli zaman wa makan” (Alma Ata University Strategic Plan, 2009-2013).

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New Students Admissions 2023/2024

Alma Ata University has commenced the admissions process for the 2023/2024 academic year, offering opportunities for prospective students to join any of its 17 programs.

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Universitas Alma Ata

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The MBKM Section of Alma Ata University

Congratulations to the Alma Ata University Students who were chosen for the MBKM 2023 Program

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