Prof. Keith. P West, DrPH Emphasizes the significance of Public Health at the UAA Campus

Prof. Keith. P West, DrPH Emphasizes the significance of Public Health at the UAA Campus

Alma Ata University (AAU) Yogyakarta hosted a public lecture on a public health on Monday, March 13, 2023. The lecture was held in the Auditorium KH Hasyim Asy’ari on the ninth floor of the Menara Al Musthofa Building. Prof. Keith P. West, DrPH, from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the United States, discussed the topic of “health challenges for young public health professionals” in an open lecture.

A speech by Prof. Dr. H. Hamam Hadi, MS, Sc.D, Sp.GK, the Rector of UAA Yogyakarta, opened the event. “The purpose of this lecture is to address issues related to public health management, climate change, and job prospects in the health industry. The participants’ understanding of these factors should hopefully be expanded, according to Hamam Hadi

Environmental deterioration, climate change, and low quality of life all have a considerable impact on society, according to Prof. Keith P West, DrPH. Due to a number of contributing variables, these issues are not just present in developing countries but are equally common in industrialized contries.

“Human health may suffer as a result of the current climate changes. Increasingly severe temperatures come with a number of dangers, including decreased production and disruptions to human life cycles, which also affect public health according to Prof. Keith.

Prof. Keith predicted that there will be more health issues in the future.  Therefore, the younger generation of today must emphasize keeping their health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and regularly exercising are two ways to do this. Keith also urged students, particularly those in the Health Sciences, to continue studying about fresh advancements in public health.

Every person should give priority to these necessities in order to ensure productivity, which include leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly. Through this lecture, it is intended that the shared knowledge will raise awareness of the value of exercise and help the academic community, in particular the students studying health sciences at UAA Yogyakarta.

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