Release and Subsidy of Alma Ata University KKN-T Work Program Subsidies

Release and Subsidy of Alma Ata University KKN-T Work Program Subsidies


Alma Ata University – The KKN-Tematik program has once again been organized by UAA – Alma Ata University (UAA), Yogyakarta. The symbolic opening and funding distribution for Alma Ata University’s KKN-T program took held on Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 8:00 AM at the Hasyim Asy’ari Auditorium (9th Floor). The event was graced by the presence of Prof. Dr. KH. Hamam Hadi, MS, Sc.D., Sp.GK., Vice-Chancellor for Academic Development and MBKM; Dr. Muh. Mustakim, M.Pd.I., Vice-Chancellor for General Administration and Resource Development; Ahmad Yunadi, SE, MA, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Religious Affairs; Dr. Muhammad Abdurrahman Munir, M.Sc., (director of community service and KKN), Deans of Alma Ata university, Regional coordinator, DPL of Alma Ata university, and 600 KKN-T participants.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. KH. Hamam Hadi, MS, Sc.D, Sp.GK, the rector of Alma Ata University, officially inaugurated the Alma Ata University’s KKN-T (Student Community Service). He underlined in his speech how he hoped KKN-T students would become change agents, issue solvers, peacemakers, and representatives of Alma Ata University. This is due to the fact that 600 students will be placed in the Central Java Province, where there are four locations in various regencies targeted for thematic community service during this period, including Magelang Regency (Mertoyudan and Mungkid Subdistricts), Kendal Regency (Cepiring and Kangkung Subdistrict), Pemalang Regency (Taman Subdistrict), and Brebes Regency (Brebes Subdistrict). There will be 52 villages and/or subdistricts chosen as KKN-T 2023 locations.

The UAA Rector sincerely hopes that the implementation of the overarching theme of “Synergy for Optimizing Regional Potentials for Food Resilience and Family Health in Accelerating Stunting Reduction” can be carried out successfully by UAA’s KKN-T students and directly or indirectly help the villages/subdistricts in addressing the issue of stunting, which still remains a major concern.

Alma Ata University has offered a program work subsidy of IDR 208,000,000 (two hundred and eight million Indonesian Rupiahs) to support the participants’ KKN-T program work in order to facilitate the activities of KKN-T UAA 2023. Mr. Anjas Paripurna (Informatics Study Program), the Chairman of the UAA Student Executive Board and a participant in KKN-T 2023, and Ms. Siti Nurani (Accounting Study Program) were present for the symbolic handover of this program labor subsidies.

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