MAM.605.STD Team achieved 3rd place in UI/UX Design Competition 2022

MAM.605.STD Team achieved 3rd place in UI/UX Design Competition 2022

Informatics Study Program Alma AtaAlma Ata University – Yogyakarta’s Informatics Program successfully represented the college by earning third place in the Design UI/UX Competition 2022. The National Association of Informatics and Computer Science Students, in conjunction with Permikomnas Festival Yogyakarta 2022, hosted this esteemed national competition. “Innovation of the Younger Generation in the Era of Society 5.0” served as the theme for the competition.

Alma Ata University Yogyakarta sent participants in this competition under the name Team MAM.605.STD to be held in ITDA (Institut Teknologi Dirgantara Adisutjipto). The team was made up of 3 informatics students (Muhammad Fahrul Aditya, Muhammad Rizky, and Reza Fauzan Nur Iskandar) and 1 information systems lecturer who also serves as the dean of the faculty of computer and engineering (Mr. Raden Nur Rachman Dzakiyullah, S.Kom., M.Sc.). They competed against students from several other universities or organizations that also submitted representatives to this competition.

Participants in this competition were given the freedom to select from a variety of subthemes for their UI/UX designs, including energy, economy, security, manufacturing, health, education, and mobility. Team MAM.605 from Alma Ata University Yogyakarta chose to concentrate on the energy subtheme and presented their project named “Infinity Energy: A Solution for Renewable Energy”.

Alma Ata University’s informatics students showcased their prowess in UI/UX design. They showcased their online work before the jury panel and provided the jury with their well-designed prototypes that focused on sustainable energy components. The team from Alma Ata University earned a commendable third place in the tournament by employing their expertise in informatics. Congratulations to the team on a job well done and a successful outcome!

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