Collaboration between the University of Alma Ata and the Indonesian Islamic University

Collaboration between the University of Alma Ata and the Indonesian Islamic University

Alma Ata University (UAA) and Indonesian Islamic University (UII) established a partnership in the development of the quality of Tridarma of Higher Education. The MOU was signed by the UAA President, Prof. Dr. Hamam Hadi, MS.Sc.D., Sp.GK. and the President of UII, Nandang Sutrisno, S.H., LLM., M. Hum., Ph.D. held at Mohammad Hatta Building, Islamic University of Indonesia.

In his speech, the President of UII said that cooperation with university colleagues was very important to synergize progress and realize the ideals of developing the Indonesian nation. Furthermore, it was said that both university shared the same Islamic visions to realize Islam as rahmatan lil ‘Alamien. Through the signing of the collaboration, it is expected to strengthen friendship between the two universities.

Meanwhile, the President of UAA stated that the collaboration with UII was the collaboration in the first peer-level university conducted by the UAA since its birth in December 2015. Through this collaboration, the Chancellor hoped Alma Ata could learn from the long history of UII that had been established even before Indonesian independence. Alma-ata must be able to imitate the spirit of UII in their development steps from birth to the present. A good management function and commitment in maintaining both academic, service and research quality are the main criteria that must be adhered to in the efforts to develop the university.

The signing of this collaboration was carried out in a solemn event and continued with a discussion of the possibility of developing cooperation with faculties and study programs under the University of Alma Ata and the Islamic University of Indonesia. The President of UII conveyed in his closing speech that the Islamic University of Indonesia welcomed and thanked UAA for making UII a partner. The signing of the collaboration ended with the presentation of a memento and a photo of the University Chancellor and Chair.

5 Maret 2019
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