D3 Midwifery Alma Ata University Gives Students and Alumni to Become Health Workers Abroad

D3 Midwifery Alma Ata University Gives Students and Alumni to Become Health Workers Abroad

Now the MEA has been in front of the eye. In the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), “boundaries” between countries asean opened, to realize the three pillars of the ASEAN Economic Community, namely: security pillar, the pillar of socio-cultural and economic pillars. MEA implementation is an opportunity and challenge to Indonesia, because the MEA is also open flow of skilled labor, not only in the industrial sector but also in the health sector. This means that health workers Indonesia has a tremendous opportunity to fill open jobs increasingly widespread. Simultaneously faced tough competition in the job market to seize.

Because of these demands, Prodi DIII Midwifery Alma Ata in cooperation with PT Elite International Recruitment open job offer information on thousands of health workers -bidan, nurses to work in hospitals or careworker or caregiver (nurse for elderly parents) – in some countries Eastern region Central. Health workers employment information was presented Director of Elite International recruitment in front of representatives of the Rector UAA, karprodi DIII midwifery and nursing as well as dozens of alumni of the faculty of Health Sciences UAA on Friday afternoon (08/25/2016). There are some countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Bahrain which requires hundreds of health workers.

Regarding the requirements to become a health workforce ituyang needed is a graduate Diploma 3 / D4 and / or Degree (S-1) in the field midwife or nurse, healthy physical-spiritual, have experience of working as a nurse at least 2 and / or 3 years, between the ages of 21 -45 years (depending on the country that need), and has a basic English language skills.

Salary offered to work abroad, especially Middle Eastern countries was quite high. Mentioned here, the average revenue earned about 15-30 million per month. Indonesian health workers who work abroad are known to have high job loyalty and known manners in providing services to patients such as dealing with family or parents themselves.


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