Head of Alma Ata University

Alma Ata University is under the Alma Ata foundation. In its management the Alma Ata leadership structure consists of the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor. The leadership of Alma Ata carries out the functions of managing the university, carrying out education, research and community service.

Prof.Dr.H.Hamam Hadi, MS., Sc.D.,Sp.GK.

Prof.Dr.H.Hamam Hadi, MS., Sc.D., Sp.GK. has served as Chancellor of the UAA since 2015. He was awarded a professor in 2005 with the inaugural speech “Double Burden of Nutrition Problems and their Implications for National Health Development Policy”. In 2016, Professor Hamam Hadi won the Global Achievement Award (GAA) from Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, United States

Dr. Muh. Mustakim, M.Pd.I
Vice Chancellor I for Academic Affairs


Ridho Satria Harahap, S.Ikom., MBA
Deputy Chancellor II General Administration and Human Resources Development


Ruwet Rusiyono, M.Pd.
Vice Rector III for Student Affairs and Alumni

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