Vision & Mission

Like the noble values contained in its name, Alma Ata is present (ATA) to print professional human resources, uphold scientific values and prioritize scientific rules as the basis for every deed (ALIMA), noble character, and by holding fast to the values of Islamic teachings serve for the benefit of the ummah.

Alma Ata was born as a response of Muslim scholars and scholars to the development of the times, trends in changing civilization patterns of life, and human behavior today, and is part of a reflection of religious moral responsibility to prove that “Islam is always suitable to be a way of life anytime and anywhere “that” Islam sholichun fi kulli zaman wa makan “. To realize the noble mission of Alma Ata, a good Vision and Mission is needed and can accommodate the times.


In 2040 UAA became a superior, independent university, globally competitive, contributing to the development of the welfare of the nation and world civilization based on Indonesian Islamic and national values.


  1. Carrying out high quality and globally competitive educational, research and community service activities (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi), based on Islamic values and Indonesian nationality, and contributing to the development of the welfare of the nation and world civilization.
  2. Developing a conducive academic system and atmosphere for the realization of a quality culture (quality culture) in organizing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education through the development of good university governance in a gradual and continuous manner.

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