Universitas Alma Ata Bermitra dengan Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taiwan

Universitas Alma Ata Bermitra dengan Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taiwan

Universitas Alma Ata Partnered with Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taiwan. Signing the agreement The cooperation agreement was carried out by the Chancellor of the University Alma Ata, Prof. Dr. Hamam Hadi., MS., Sc. D., Sp. GK on the TMU campus, Taipei, Taiwan on January 17, 2018. This agreement includes Exchange activities both students and lecturers, Joint Symposium, Joint Research & Publication and Curriculum Development. The signing of the collaboration in Taipei is one of a series of Alma Ata delegation visits to TMU as a response to the visit of the TMU delegation to the University of Alma Ata in February and December 2017.

During a four-day visit at TMU, the UAA delegation had the opportunity to discuss with TMU Vice President, Prof. Chao-Ching Huang, among others, also discussed the possibility of getting a scholarship from the Taiwan government. In addition to meeting the Vice President of TMU, the Alma Ata Delegation also met with several Deans such as Dean College of Nursing, the College of Nutrition, the College of Public Health, the College of Global Health and Development and the College of Management. The meeting with the Deans was a good opportunity for Alma Ata to realize what the MOU had signed into more tangible collaborative activities.

The visit of the Alma Ata delegation led directly by the UAA Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Hamam hadi., MS., Sc. D., Sp. GK also had the opportunity to meet with the director of the Taiwan Cetre of Disease Control, Prof. Tzay-Jinn Chen and the director of the Wang Fang Municipal Hospital, Prof. Chin-Hsin Lee to initiate a collaboration on the treatment of tuberculosis and dengue fever involving the Yogyakarta and Javanese Provincial Health Offices. Middle later.

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