Metode Pembelajaran

Learning system used to achieve learning targets at Bachelor program of Pharmacy Alma Ata University is learning system that centered on students or more famous with Students Centered Learning (SCL) where the lecturer acts as facilitator and motivator, more emphasis with self-reliance of students in learning and seek information and knowledge related to material study in curiculum of Bachelor program of Pharmacy. The students are encouraged to “learning how to learn” so that will bring to creative attitude, independency, disciplinary, thinking critically, communicate and cooperate in the team, they have good skill tehnically, global insight, and following the development information technology. Learning model of SCL which used bachelor program of Pharmacy include :

  1. College experts
  2. SGD (Small Group Discussion)
  3. Assignment structured
  4. Independent learning
  5. Practice Laboratory
  6. Field Practice


The assestment study result based on specific compounds which also included competence. That compounds are presence, practice, daily or weekly tasks and exam.


Education programs on Bachelor Program of Pharmacy consist of bachelor degree  which will produce graduate “Bachelor of Pharmacy” (S.Farm.). Education program Bachelor of Pharmacy taken in the average time 4 years.

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