UAA Accounting Prodi is very appreciated on FORDEBI event held in FEB. UGM Wednesday 22 June 2016 is part of the agenda of socialized by FORDEBI it supports the advancement of FORDEBI indirectly, where this activity is FORDEBI facilities for members and participants FORDEBI who will conduct a seminar on research studies conducted FORDEBI research.

Forum Dosen Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam (FORDEBI) is a container that collects the cooperation between public and private universities in Indonesia to encourage and create the acceleration provision of human resources in the field of Islamic economics, business management and Islam and sharia accounting.

To create such acceleration, FORDEBI make education curricula that are ready for college as its main agenda. Building a strategic partnership, cooperation activities and research with various organizations and institutions both at national and international levels is also an important agenda FORDEBI.


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