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Slow, Realization Tax Amnesty


Wednesday, 08/24/2016

Jakarta – The number of domestic tax amnesty ransom collected the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) until Tuesday (23/8) succeeded in penetrating Rp1,01 trillion. This figure is higher than the government received in the first month (July 2016) to Rp 85.13 billion, which increased significantly to Rp 932.24 billion in mid August 2016. While total assets declaration and repatriation abroad until August 20, 2016 reached Rp 7, 24 trillion.


Based on data from the DGT tax amnesty dashboard, the ransom can only be collected after the tax amnesty program running since July 1, 2016. The amount of the ransom received DGT of taxpayers (WP) in the first month amounted to only Rp85,13 billion. The numbers have increased significantly with additional Rp932,24 billion in August.

However, the realization of a ransom of Rp1,01 trillion is the new cover 0.6% of the target of Rp165 trillion coveted government can patch the revised budget deficit in 2016. In terms of number of properties that had been darkened the WP because it was not reported to DJP, the government noted No 9170 affidavit treasure accepted until this afternoon.

The reported amount of property owned by the WP who participated in tax amnesty program reached Rp50,7 trillion. The details, of Rp42,9 trillion a declaration of wealth in the country and abroad Rp6,26 trillion declaration. The remaining Rp1.55 trillion in the form of cash repatriated into domestic investment instruments. The number of new cover 0.15% of the targeted repatriation of Rp1,000 trillion.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati complained quite a slow process tax amnesty program that has been running three weeks of the month. Padalah the Ministry of Finance, even President Joko Widodo himself hard to disseminate everywhere. Including socialization to Singapore, a country that most people save money Indonesia.

“We’ve been socializing with Apindo. Socialization to Singapore with the new joint bank, even in social media tax amnesty became trending topic. Indeed just that we can fund new ransom Rp854 billion, “he said in Jakarta this week.

So far, he said, in addition to earlier redemption fund, the number of property investments letter (SPH) also reached 6,896 units. But still it was still optimistic the target ransom reached Rp165 trillion can tecapai. Moreover, it is the trend from July to August, the ransom amount continues to increase.

“We are still optimistic with the target of Rp165 trillion. That is the estimate of the previous minister and the House of Representatives. So I lived realize, no longer makes new estimates, “he said.

Previous Finance Minister revealed that of the total foreign assets declaration and repatriation abroad amounting to Rp 7.24 trillion in tax amnesty program until the period August 20, 2016 came from citizens in 25 countries. The value and the declaration of the citizen in Singapore.

As for the details of Rp 7.24 trillion total value declaration and repatriation of citizens who are abroad, most contributed semblan citizens from the state. Consisting of Rp 5.84 trillion is the number of disclosures of its overseas possessions, and the repatriation of Indonesian overseas to Rp 1.4 trillion.

“Most foreign declaration and repatriation of citizens in Singapore with each Rp 4.79 trillion and Rp 1.08 trillion,” he said.

If counted, Singapore accounted for 81.28% of the total of 25 international donors tax amnesty, both the declaration and repatriation abroad. The name of the nine largest country contributor to the declaration and repatriation abroad, among others:

Singapore: Value declaration of assets of Rp 4.79 trillion and Rp 1.08 trillion repatriate funds
Australia: The value of the property declaration Rp 616 billion and Rp 15 billion fund repatriation
Hong Kong: Value declaration of assets of Rp 124 billion and Rp 71 billion fund repatriation
Malaysia: The value of Rp 95 billion wealth declaration and repatriation is still zero
England: Value declaration of assets of Rp 12 billion and Rp 140 billion repatriation
United States: The value of the property declaration Rp 75 billion and Rp 5 billion fund repatriation
China: The value of Rp 53 billion in assets declaration and repatriation nil
Canada: The value of the property declaration and repatriation of Rp 25 billion to Rp 1 billion
New Zealand: Values Rp 17 billion wealth declaration and repatriation nil
The total of the declaration of its overseas possessions from nine countries was Rp 5.81 trillion, and the repatriation of funds amounting to Rp 1.31 trillion. “While the rest are scattered in 16 other countries, but the value of declaration and repatriation small. So taken nine largest countries,” said Director of Counseling Services, Public Relations Directorate General of Taxation, Hestu Yoga Saksama.

Minister also explained regarding the number of declaration and repatriation of funds. For individual taxpayers (OP) class of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), funds amounting Rp6,39 trillion declaration and repatriation of funds reached Rp28 billion.

For OP non SMEs, the fund reached Rp27,02 trillion declaration and repatriation of Rp1.4 trillion. WP bodies for SMEs, a number of Rp481 billion fund declaration and without any repatriation of funds. “Medium to fund non SMEs WP bodies, funds reached Rp 6.86 trikiun declaration with the repatriation of funds reached Rp 9 billion,” he said.

The shell companies

In another section, the minister has signed a new technical rule of remission of tax policy, which once focused on providing tax relief for WP who divert assets from shell companies.

Shell company set out in the rules of finance ministers (FMD) is a company established with the specific purpose (special-purpose vehicle SPV), without active business activities.

“FMD is still there in the law firm (the law firm of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance), still has not given a number,” said Sri Mulyani told reporters in Jakarta, this week.

In his presentation, he said there are two schemes of disclosure and transfer of assets not directly belonging to WP via SPV. For WP have not yet reported its stake in the SPV at the Annual tax return (SPT), it must report the possession of such assets in accordance with the value of assets recorded in the SPV.

Meanwhile, for WP who had reported assets in the SPV within a fixed annual tax return must report back the treasure. However, the value of such assets less the value of shares in SPV which has been reported in a previous tax return.

However, according to him, if the status of the SPV is a subsidiary that is running an active business, the implementation of treatment of assets in accordance with PMK No. 18 / PMK.03 / 2016 on the implementation of Law No. 11 of 2016 on Tax Forgiveness.

In PMK was arranged that WP are transferred assets in the context of tax amnesty in the form of stock and land / buildings be given income tax exemption (income tax), all made no later than December 31, 2016.

Earlier, Director General of Finance and Risk Management at the Ministry of Finance to make sure the new FMD related SPV will facilitate shell company owners who want to divert assets (unwind) into the country in the framework of the tax amnesty policy.

To that end, the government will provide tax relief incentives given SPV unwind process usually takes charge and taxes are not small. Costs can arise when the transfer of assets, the transfer of the name, even the establishment of new companies in the country.

However, Sri Mulyani continues to attract funds of foreign citizens in the return to the country in accordance with the Tax Amnesty Law, including those from Singapore. This step was taken due to the repatriation of funds from abroad is still very low to August 20, 2016.

Of the total repatriation of assets until August 20, 2016 amounting to Rp 1.4 trillion, repatriation of funds of citizens in the new Singapore amounting to Rp 1.08 trillion. The potential for citizens in Singapore funds reached Rp 4.000 trillion.

The minister said, the declaration of assets abroad and repatriation are two rights of the citizen in the Tax Amnesty Law. Because the tax amnesty program one of which aims to uncover a treasure citizen who has not been reported so as to increase the tax base.

“So if the citizen residing abroad, but included in the tax subject Indonesia, then still have to pay taxes,” said Sri Mulyani.

According to him, the government has set a lower redemption rates for the citizen who transferred his property to Indonesia, which is 2%, 3% and 5% until the beginning of March 2017. With these rates, it is expected to attract Sri Mulyani citizen to repatriate.

“My job is to run in order to repatriation as much as possible. So when they (the citizen) asked that the gateway plus, I added. Expand Investing in the non-financial, I remove the PMK. So this makes the certainty and confidence that if repatriation to Indonesia would be more beneficial to WP and our economy, “he said. bari / Mohar / FBA



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