Alma Ata University Graduated 172 Student in the first Graduation Period in 2019

Alma Ata University Graduated 172 Student in the first Graduation Period in 2019

Alma Ata University (UAA) graduated hundreds of students from eight study programs on March 14, 2019 at Jogja Expo Centre Epicentrum. The President of UAA, Prof. Dr. H Hamam Hadi, MS., Sc.D., Sp.GK advised that graduates be ready and responsive to the challenges of the 4.0 industrial revolution yet not leaving Islamic and Indonesian-Nationality values ​​as our identities. The 4.0 era of industrial revolution required Indonesian intellectuals to respond quickly to adapt fast to the change of the disruptive era. “We should continue to upgrade knowledge so that we can achieve more and more quality to upgrade our selves. Complete your knowledge and skills with professional behavior and noble character thus you can compete in this 4.0 Industrial Era,” he said after the graduation ceremony on Friday (03/15/2019).

He added that being an employee in a public or private institution is an achievement, however it would be even more rewarding if graduates could be strong individuals who were able to create jobs. At present, only around 3% Indonesian becoming entrepreneurs. We are still behind Malaysia and Thailand with 5%, Singapore 7%, Japan, America and other developed countries even have at least 14% of their citizens becoming entrepreneurs. “Seeing this opportunity, then make your knowledge and skills the main capital to be independent and create the independence of life for others,” he explained, saying the senate’s speech was open.

Among 172 Graduates, there are 11 cumlaude graduates consist of 3 best universities and 8 best study programs. The 3 best universities are Wiwid Andari from the Nutrition Science Study Program (3.90 GPA), Nurbadriyah MI Teacher Study Program (GPA 3.89) and Diana Khairunisa Islamic Economics Study Program (GPA 3.86)

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