Alma Ata University (AAU) held Assessor Training for AAU’s LSP P1

Alma Ata University (AAU) held Assessor Training for AAU’s LSP P1

LSP P1 is an implementing agency for professional certification activities certified by the National Professional Certification Agency (BSNP). Licenses are given through an accreditation process by BSNP which states that the relevant LSP has fulfilled the requirements to carry out professional certification activities. In order to obtain the LSP P1 licenses from the BSNP, AAU held a training for its LSP P1 Candidates during 11-15 February 2019.

The LSP P1 training was attended by 24 participants from three fields, namely pharmacy, nursing and midwifery work clusters. Trained directly by BSNP master assessor Ms. Sri Pudyastuti and Ms. Sri Salimah (ADD DEGREE) for four days from 11 to 14 February 2019, the 24 participants from S1 Pharmacy, S1 Nurses and Midwifery study programs, AAU then were tested by master assessor from BSNP, Mr. SUsena, MS. And Mrs. Dr. Faiza Munabari, M.Kes.

As the result, through a not only hard work but also smart work, the 24 participants from LSP P1 AAU were declared graduated / competent as assessors for the three fields mentioned before. Hopefully, with the provision of certification for the above mentioned fields LSP P1 UAA will be able to deliver and equip students to enter the world of work both nationally and internationally to support one of the University’s vision towards a superior, independent and globally competitive university by 2040. (Chahya Kusuma – Universitas Alma Ata.2019)

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