Accounting Sciences

Accounting Sciences

Understanding of accounting science is a science that is used to study the entire activity of financial income and expenditure. Then, Accounting itself an exercise record, categorize, summarize, process and present data, transactions, and also all financial activities that could be used as a reference in economic decision making and other purposes.

The word accounting comes from a foreign language, namely that the Indonesian accounting interpreted as counting or accountable. Accounting is also commonly referred to as the language of business.

The main function of accounting is a financial information of an organization. Importance of accounting is to show the related parties about the movement and financial changes within an organization or company. Perhaps you are wondering, who pihakpihak requiring financial information? Here is the parties who need and use accounting reports:

  1. Internal party

Who is the internal party? Internal parties are parties who are members of the organizational structure, especially the management. Reports true and accurate accounting is needed by management as a basis for making the right decision.

2. External parties, consisting of:

  • Investors Financial accounting of a company is very important for investors as a determinant of whether he will invest or not. If the financial position in the accounting statements showing good profits, then the investor will invest into the company, and vice versa.
  • Shareholders / owners of the company owners or shareholders of the company is a party that is in dire need of financial information company. It is very important to be able to know how much progress or setbacks experienced by the company. The shareholders themselves will gain huge dividends if the company benefit.
    Government financial statements of a company is very important to determine the amount of tax to be paid to the government, is therefore essential for companies or organizations to make financial reports are correct and detailed.
  • If the company’s creditors are being pressed and in need of fresh funds will probably borrow money to creditors such as borrowing money in the bank, owe goods on supplyer / suppliers. Creditors will provide funds if the company has good financial condition and is not going to have a great potential for loss.
  • Other related parties In addition to the parties mentioned above, there are some parties who require accounting information, such as trade unions, employees, students, journalists, public accounting auditor, and many others. Well, after learning about anyone who needs accounting information, we now time to talk about the basic accounting reports. Basically, the accounting process will present the output of:
  1. Balance sheet (balance sheet), which is a list of reports that contain about the assets, liabilities and capital were closed at the end of the accounting period.
  2. The statements of income (income statement), the report showing the number of income, expense, gains and losses earned in a given period.
  3. Statements of changes in capital, which is about a report that shows the change in the capital in a given period.

In the accounting report should include the name of the company / organization, the name of the report, the reporting period, the date of the preparation that allows the other party to understand it. Of the entire translation of the above, of course, we can conclude that science is the science of accounting is very important and studied by everyone.



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