8 Professions Competing Tight In the Era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

8 Professions Competing Tight In the Era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

Eight profession to be affected by the free market policies that set out in the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA).

Program ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will come into force later this year. What are the implications for you, O professionals in Indonesia?

You should be able to compete with foreign labor from other Southeast Asian countries that have the skills and abilities as you. So, if you are not able or unable to compete, be prepared and hone your abilities now.

There are eight professions will be affected by the free market policies that set out in the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA). MRA each profession has set the standards and competencies required in the arena of ASEAN.

If it is valid, Indonesia will receive the labor of ASEAN for these professions, and vice versa.

Here are eight professions that will compete in MEA:

1. Engineers

One profession that must be ready to face the MEA are engineers.

This applies to all engineers, which if in Indonesia using the title ST alias engineering degree. The engineers join a professional organization called Indonesian Engineers Association (PII).

Today there are 14 types of the engineering profession in Indonesia, ranging from mechanical engineers, geodetic, engineering physics, civil engineering, and chemical engineering.

2. Architect

Architects are those architectural experts, the expert or experts design the built environment.

Scope of work is very broad and includes architectural interior, the scope of the building, the scope of the building complex, until the scope of the city, and regional.

Its strategic position could even make a construction was halted because it does not comply with the requirements that have been agreed upon.

3. Power tourism

Power tourism is a profession that is needed in Indonesia because the Indonesian tourism potential of the object is quite a lot.

Basically, this type of tourism labor quite a lot because of the many professions that relate to this one sector. Some examples might include the fields of airline ticket agents, pilots, flight attendants, catering, and others. Can also the hospitality field, which is involved is the manager of the hotel, room service staff, controllers, and others.

4. Accountant

Accountants are those who are experts in the field of accounting. The accounting profession divided into several kinds, among which are public accountants, internal accountants, government accountants, and accountants education.

Each task accountants also vary. There is managing the financial accounting (financial), cost accounting (cost), even a tax accounting (tax).

5. Dentists

The dentist in charge for the prevention of damage and diseases of the teeth and mouth. Currently taking the dental profession in Indonesia is still small, so a lot of employment opportunities for the profession on this one.

6. Power survey

Power survey in question here are those who are experts in the field of the measurement of the earth, in this case the measurement of land or land. So instead of surveyors to survey the election or bodies who have often you hear.

Generally, surveyors or surveyors come from schools that teach the measurement of earth sciences, among them the Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering graduate from the university or the National Land High School graduate (BPN), and other institutions engaged in engineering construction.

Until now, the need for a survey team is still very high in Indonesia.

7. Medical Practitioners

With the inclusion of medical practitioners in the list of professions that may wara-Wiri in ASEAN, then do not be surprised if you meet foreign doctors in a hospital you visit.

8. nurse

In addition to doctors and dentists, nurses also have employment opportunities in all ASEAN countries if they have the competence assured plus hours of flying pretty high.

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